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Caring Shepherds Healthcare, Inc. is an Illinois-based provider of skilled, in-home, private duty, nursing services. We provide quality skilled nursing care for pediatric and all spectrums of the adult population that are medically fragile and technology dependent on ventilators via tracheostomy or feeding via G-tubes. At Caring Shepherds Healthcare, Inc., we always seek and pursue ways to revolutionize the way in-home skilled pediatric and adult healthcare is delivered, one patient at a time.

Leaders in Home Care
Caring Shepherds Healthcare, Inc. is at the forefront of setting the standard for highly skilled in-home nursing services by raising the level of clinical expertise in the home care community through the provision of quality care with compassion and competence. Our broad range of services go beyond in-home private duty nursing care to include homemaker services, in-home aide services, respite care, school nurse services, therapies, and rehabilitation services.

  • Skilled Nursing
  • LPN
  • CNA

Caring Shepherds Healthcare’s Core Values
Our patients are the heartbeat of our company. Because of Caring Shepherds’ reputation of quality care, competence, and commitment to patient satisfaction, we have an ever-increasing demand for coverage and services. We have responded to this demand by providing thorough, industry-leading, ongoing training for our existing staff and new hires to keep their great sense of compassion, competence, and commitment to our clients sharp in delivering superior clinical care. Also, we do a thorough screening of all our staff to ensure that they will be a good fit for our patients in our care offerings. This is because we believe that the ongoing growth and success of Caring Shepherds Healthcare, Inc. depends solely on our continued ability to consistently deliver competent, compassionate, and committed care to all our patients. We assure our clients that we will always put these values at the forefront of everything that we do.
All the Care You Need from One Trusted Source
Caring for medically fragile loved ones with special needs is very stressful and challenging. Caring Shepherds works together with patients and families to meet their needs and incorporate patient-oriented goals in developing and carrying out patient-specific treatment plans. We give your loved ones the greatest opportunity to reach their optimal health and well-being with care, compassion, competence, and clinical excellence.
Our private duty skilled nursing provides hourly care to patients where they are most comfortable – in their home. Care can be anywhere between 5 to 24 hours a day with our registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and aides. Our staff are well-trained in providing excellent short-term and long-term clinical care to our medically fragile pediatrics and adult population.
A patient may qualify for private duty nursing services at home or school (if a CHILD) IF They:

  • Have complex medical needs such as frequent seizures, ALS, Cerebral Palsy, and other muscle wasting or weakness diseases
  • Have a tracheotomy and/or if they are ventilator-dependent
  • Receive continuous nutritional feeds through a G-tube or NG-tube
  • Receive intravenous nutrition
  • Are oxygen-dependent in conjunction with other medical needs

Our Commitment to Partnership
We are committed to building strong partnerships with our patient and their families, healthcare professionals, care facilities, other care providers, community, and insurance companies and other payers.
We believe that quality care should be accessible, dependable, compassionate, coordinated, transparent, effective, trusted, and provided by competent licensed professionals.
Who Pays for Your Care?
Many insurance plans and Medicaid pay for the care services we provide. We coordinate how to receive payment from the payer source, handle the paperwork ourselves, and bill the payer directly. At Caring Shepherds Healthcare, our focus and priority are to get you the care you need. We take care of the details so you can focus on your loved ones.
Providing Care in a Nurturing Environment
At Caring Shepherds, we believe home is the best nurturing environment to care for our medically fragile loved ones. At home, loving family members can surround and shield the sick with hearts full of love. This can provide further assurance, calmness, and happiness for medically fragile ones, which in turn, promotes better and positive health outcomes for patients while reducing the stress and the challenges that staying in the hospital can present to the family. This positive outcome is the driving force behind our passion here at Caring Shepherds, which is to work with families and caregivers to help keep medically fragile patients at home.
What to Expect from Private Duty Nursing: A Step-by-Step Guide
A Clinical Supervisor arrives at your home to answer any questions or address any concerns the patient/family may have and gives the family some time to decide.
The Clinical Supervisor returns on a second visit to perform an initial assessment and fill out the required paperwork which includes patient-specific Plan of Care, Medication Profile, Emergency Plan, Home Rules, your scheduling needs and preferences, and any other information needed to provide the optimum level of care and comfort at home without adding more stress for the patient and family.
A representative from the Scheduling department of Caring Shepherd will contact you to provide you with the nurse’s schedule, complete with your nurses’ names and the shifts assigned.
Your home care nurses will be oriented to the patient’s care prior to working their first shift. Your nurses will start on the agreed date, shift, and time to provide hourly care, communicate with you and the physician when necessary, help show you how to care for your loved one, and assist you with your loved one’s other medical care needs. If needed, they will educate you on your loved one’s care needs and address your concerns on an ongoing basis.
Your home care nurses will document care the care provided. Their notes will tell you about the care given. We will ask you to sign off on these notes at the end of every shift if possible.
Care That Comes from the Heart
There is nothing more important than your loved one’s health. Every day, we provide the skilled staff to handle your medically fragile child or adult family member’s needs.
Our focus is always on the clients that we serve. Our care team is highly skilled and competent—caring and compassionate about what we do. We choose our team members specifically based on their interests and abilities to care for medically fragile children and adults at home.
We offer instant access to educational opportunities and refresher courses and training sessions to all our caregivers on an ongoing basis. This ensures that our team is up-to-date and confident about the new technologies and the latest solutions to care.
Why Refer to Caring Shepherds Healthcare, Inc.?
We thoroughly train our staff to care for patients who have the most medically intense needs. We are a leader in providing care to our medically fragile pediatric and adult population. We are a local family owned business in Illinois that proudly serves  families in Cook County, Will County, and Kankakee County. Our care team members are caring, compassionate, committed, and dedicated. We are trusted by the families and patients we care for every day.
The Difference We Make Is an Important Part of Our Care.
We offer:

  • Exemplary education and training
  • True matching of skill level to each patient
  • Careful consideration of caregiver compatibility with each family
  • High patient satisfaction scores
  • State leaders in pediatric and adult home care

We partner with other care providers to help patients and families seeking care for an adult patient needing referrals for other services such as homemaker services, companion care, or habilitation services. We are always ready to help provide the care and healthcare services you need for your optimum comfort and functioning at home. We are partners with our patients, their families, and all those who refer patients to us.

caregiver and elderly woman smiling to each other